VOLUME 1 - 1991

  Volume 1 Number 1 July/August 1991
Hong Kong - Hai Tien: A Brush with Heaven and Earth - Interview - Ian Findlay
United States/Hong Kong - The Light Fantastic World of Walasse Ting : The flamboyant painter from New York speaks of his life
Taiwan - Taiwan's Naive Master: Hung Tung - Ian Findlay
Indonesia - A Visit - Caroline Chiu
United States/Commonwealth of Independent States - Soviet Art Breaks Out in Asia - Klimenty Granovsky, artist and dealer, comments on the changing art scene and market for Soviet Art
  Volume 1 Number 2 September/October 1991
Auctions - Christie's in Hong Kong
Taiwan - Chinese Sculptor with a Universal Touch: Ju Ming - Ian Findlay
Vietnam - Soul Music: Contemporary Vietnamese Art - Jeffrey Hantover
Australia - Looking to New Ground - Contemporary Australian Art - Sandy Caldow
Australia - Fresh Approach Essential - Graeme Wilkie discusses the future of Australian Art.
Reviews - Hong Kong
  Volume 1 Number 3 November/December 1991
Taiwan - The Individualist Touch - Ian Findlay
Indonesia - Bali: Showcase of Indonesian Art - Astri Wright
Thailand - Reaching Beyond Tradition: Montien Boonma - Alfred Pawlin
Australia - Sydney Signs on with the Contemporaries: Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art - Christopher Allen
Hong Kong - A Museum in Search of an Identity: Hong Kong Museum of Art - Hugh Chiverton
Auctions - Sotheby's in Hong Kong; Christie's in New York
Taiwan - Galleries Galore - Taiwan's Art Scene - Ian Findlay

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