VOLUME 2 - 1992

  Volume 2 Number 1 January/February 1992
Japan/China - A Revolutionary Spirit Comes of Age: Huang Rui - Robert C. Watson
Italy/Taiwan - Gentle Abstraction to a Contemporary Vision: Hsiao Chin - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - Pui Yee Lau Copies Her Way to Original Art - Heather Doyle
China/United States - Testing Traditions: An Eternal Challenge: C.C. Wang - Ian Findlay
France/China - The Artist as a Free Man: Chen Jianhong - Kristyn Komarnicki
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan
Artists at Work/China - The Fine Arts College of Shanghai University - Photography: Gerhard Joren; Text: Don J. Cohn
  Volume 2 Number 2 March/April 1992
India - The Independent Romantic of Indian Art: Anjolie Ela Menon - Isana Murti
Taiwan - Forty Years of Artistic Independence: Wu Hao - Ian Findlay
Japan/Hong Kong - Sculpting the Elements and Listening to the World's Heartbeat: Tetsunori Kawana - Lianne Hackett
China - Revealing the Soul of a Rural World: Yang Yanwen - Robert C. Watson
Canada - Bringing the Invisible to the Visible: Interview with the potter Wayne Ngan
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, United States
Artists at Work/Hong Kong - Gaylord Chan - Photography: Gerhard Joren; Text: Heather Doyle
  Volume 2 Number 3 May/June 1992
Tibet - Tibetan Contemporary Art - Andre Alexander
Australia - Journeys of Time and Place: Tim Johnson - Ian Findlay
Korea/United States - A Korean Bridge: Hoon Kwak talks about his life and work
Hong Kong - There Are No Half Measures: Nancy Chu Woo - Robert C. Watson
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Vietnam
Auctions - Sotheby's in Taipei and Hong Kong; Christie's in Hong Kong
Artists at Work/North Korea - The Pyongyang Art Factory - Gerhard Joren
  Volume 2 Number 4 July/August 1992
Hong Kong/Italy - Sculpting Marble as a Way of Life: Cynthia Sah - Ian Findlay
Nepal - Nepalese Contemporary Art Reaches Out to the World - Andre Alexander
Nepal - An Interview with Lain Bangdel - Andre Alexander
Vietnam - Beyond Ideology and Label - Jeffrey Hantover
Vietnam - Of Memory and War - Jeffrey Hantover
United States- Between Two Worlds: interview with Julia Nee Chu
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Nepal, Taiwan
Auctions - Sotheby's in New York and New Delhi; Christie's in New York
Artists at Work/Hong Kong - Antonio Mak Hin-Yeung, sculptor - Photography: Gerhard Joren; Text: Ian Findlay
  Volume 2 Number 5 September/October 1992
Malaysia - In Search of an Asian Aesthetic: Choong Kam Kow talks about his life and work
Singapore - Street Life: A Journey into America: Tan Kwank Liang talks with Singaporean art critic T.K. Sabapathy
Hong Kong - Young Chinese Contemporaries in Print: Manfred Schoeni's new publishing venture
Nepal - Art Should Be Simple: Shashi Shah - Andre Alexander
Cambodia - The Age of Angkor - Christopher Allen
Hong Kong - Paying for the Vision: Copyright Laws - David Porter
Hong Kong - A Kind of Tranquillity: Lucia Nga Yin Cheung - Jeffrey Hantover
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan
Artists at Work/Hong Kong - Mak Yee Fun, potter - Photography: Gerhard Joren; Text: Jane Youn
  Volume 2 Number 6 November/December 1992
Malaysia/Australia - Today's Witness: Eric Quah - Ian Findlay
China - The Yunnan School Reaches Out - Henri Rohfritsch and Stephane Bonneau (trans. by Diane Bennett)
Australia - Crossing Time to Heal: An interview with Leah King-Smith
Australia - Sculpture at the Third Australian Contemporary Art Fair (ACAF) - Peter Hill
Hong Kong - A Spiritual Dimension: The Art of Tseng Yuho - Cherry Barnett
Australia - The Bayeaux Tapestry Spirit is Alive and Well and Living in Australia - Peter Hill
Australia - Looking to the Future: the Third Australian Art Fair - Interview with Jonah Jones - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan
Auctions - Sotheby's in New Delhi, Taipei, and Hong Kong; Christie's in Hong Kong
Artists at Work/Vietnam - Trinh Cung - Gerhard Joren
Supplement: Singapore & Malaysia - Notebook / The Third Salon Malaysia - Ray Lagenbach / Arts Museum Coming into Its Own / Tomorrow's Artists / Giving Something Back: Ibrahim Hussein, founder of the Ibrahim Hussein Museum and Cultural Foundation / Listings: Galleries, Museums, Schools, and Societies

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