VOLUME 3 - 1993

  Volume 3 Number 1 January/February 1993
Hong Kong/China - In with the New - Post-1989 Contemporary Chinese Art - Karen Smith
Hong Kong/China - Pop Goes Political - Chinese Political Pop Recalls 1960s American Pop Art - Scarlet Cheng
China/United States - Words from the Sky - Xu Bing talks about his work - Karen Smith
Hong Kong - Art Asia 1992: Hong Kong Sustains a Leap of Faith - Scarlet Cheng
Taiwan - The Wizard of Shapes: Tseng Ching-kan - Ian Findlay
Pakistan - Personal Portraits - Iqbal Hussain fights artistic and intellectual prejudice in a strict Islamic society - Nicola Saunter
Sri Lanka - In Search of the Spiritual - H.A. Karunaratne is helping a new generation of Sri Lankan artists find their way - Daleena Samarajiwa
Reviews - Australia, England, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Artists at Work/Vietnam - Dang Xuan Hoa - Gerhard Joren
  Volume 3 Number 2 March/April 1993
Taiwan - Creating a Modern Mythology - J.C. Kuo transforms Eastern images with Western techniques - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - Pluralistic Expressions: Philippine Art in the 1990s - An excerpt from Art Philippines - Jeannie E. Javelosa, Paul B. Zararalla, and Cid Reyes
India - In Search of Space and Time - Hemi Bawa - Ian Findlay
United States - Border Crossings - New York painter Li-lan's minimalist works - Scarlet Cheng
Australia - What's in a Boot? - An art competition inspired by the Blundstone Boot - Peter Hill
Japan/Hong Kong - Between Landscape and Figure - Cissy Pao talks about her art
Taiwan - Li Mei-shu: Early Taiwan Modernist - A re-examination of one of Taiwan's pioneers of modernism - Maggie Pai
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan
Artists at Work/Australia - Shanghai-born Irene Chou - Susan Munro
Supplement: Taiwan - Notebook / The Artist's Voice: Chiu Tse-yan, Fung Ming-Chip, Hwang Jyi, Kuo Bor Jou, Bon Hui Uy / Notes on Contemporary Sculpture - Few Taiwan galleries have presented sculpture. Jeh-San Tang Gallery is an exception - Maggie Pai / Museum Culture - In recent years Taiwan has invested heavily in developing its museums. / Listings: Galleries, Museums, Schools, Foundations, and Societies
  Volume 3 Number 3 May/June 1993
Japan - Playing with Space: Toko Shinoda - A profile and interview - Julia Cassim
Japan - Reaching Out to a New Audience: NICAF '93 - Scarlet Cheng
Cambodia - Cambodia Peace Takes Toll on Khmer Temple Artifacts -Thieves are destroying a nation's cultural heritage - Raphael Pura
The Philippines - The Eighties and Beyond: Exploring Alternative Ways - The second part in a two part series on contemporary Philippine Art - Jeannie Javelosa, Cid Reyes, and Cesare A. X. Syjuco
China - Facing Changing Times - Shanghai artist Yu Youhan paints Mao and considers change - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Taiwan
Auctions - Sotheby's in Hong Kong and Taipei; Christie's in Hong Kong
Artists at Work/ Malaysia - Sharifah Fatimah - Gerhard Joren
Supplement: Hong Kong Macau, China- Notebook / The Art of the Market - The past five years have seen significant changes. / The Artist's Voice - Victor Lai, Gu Wenda, Xu Lele, Yank Wong, and Joana Ling. / Museum Culture - Hong Kong, Macau, and China are slowly developing their museum culture. / Listings - Galleries, Museums, Art Schools, and Art Societies
  Volume 3 Number 4 July/August 1993
Taiwan - New Taiwan Art in the Nineties - A look at contemporary Taiwanese artists and their concerns - Victoria Lu
China/Taiwan - Farewell Comrade - Some differences between mainland Chinese and Taiwanese art - Nan Fang-shuo
Australia - Revolution by Night - A survey of a touring exhibition of Surrealist works - Christopher Allen
China - Deng Lin: Expressionism in Silk - Scarlet Cheng
Mongolia - Mongolian Artists Make Their Own Way - Contemporary Mongolian art - Andre Alexander
Mongolia - Coming to Grips with Independence - Interview with Ms. S. Sarantsantsral - Andre Alexander
Japan/Denmark - Paper Nao at the Rundetarn - Japanese artist Naoaki Sakamoto's creations bring paper to life - Karen Smith
Italy - Passage to the East - Asia's representation at the Venice Biennale indicates how significant contemporary works from the East have become - Peter Hill
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan
Artists at Work/Taiwan - Chen Jung-fa - Photography: Hsieh An; Text: Ian Findlay
  Volume 3 Number 5 September/October 1993
Portrait Gallery - Cynthia Sah, Kakei Goro, Antonio Mak, and Mr. O. - Photography by Almond Chu Tak Wah
Thailand - Thai Art Seeks Its Own Space - Apinan Poshyananda
Hong Kong - The Alchemist's Art of Gaylord Chan - Scarlet Cheng
Taiwan - Fractured Inscriptions: Cheng Tsai-Tung - Lin Yu-hsiang
Hong Kong - Art Asia Preview - Scarlet Cheng
The Philippines/Australia - A Philippine Experience: Australian artist Pat Hoffie's major installation work in the Philippines - Jeannie E. Javelosa
Australia - Confronting Identity: Contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists - Deborah Durie Saines
Singapore - Coming to Grips with Promotion: the Singapore Art Fair
Hong Kong - Frontier: Paper and Clay: Jane Burrell - Karen Smith
Reviews - Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, the United States
Artists at Work/Vietnam - Do Thi Ninh - Gerhard Joren
Supplement: The Philippines - Notebook / From the White Cube to the Brown Mat - The contemporary museum movement in the Philippines - Eric B. Zerrudo / The Artist's Voice - Imelda Cajipe Endaya, Eduardo Castrillo, Roberto Feleo, Junyee, Julie Lluch Dalena, and Lazaro "Aro" Soriano / Art for AIDS: Art Manila '93 - The work of 40 contemporary Filipino artists addresses AIDS - Ruben D. F. Defeo / The Galleries in the Manila Art Scene - Talitha Espiritu / Listings: Galleries, Museums, Schools, and Societies.
  Volume 3 Number 6 November/December 1993
Portrait Gallery - Luis Chan, Gaylord Chan - Photography by Almond Chu Tak Wah; Wu Tien Chang, Chu Tzung Ching, Lin Liang Tsai, Cheng Shu Chi - Photography by Hsieh An
Australia - Changing Perceptions: The First Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art - Deborah Hart
Australia - Dream Becomes a Reality - Peter Hill talks with Doug Hall, director of the Queensland Art Gallery
Australia - Into the New Asia-Pacific Art Age - Peter Hill
Thailand - Looking into the Heart: The second excerpt from Modern Art in Thailand - Apinan Poshynanda
New Zealand - Reaching Out from Down Under: New Zealand artists are looking towards a closer relationship with Asia - Gerard Hindmarsh
Taiwan - An Independent Spirit: Lin Wen Chiang - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - Art Asia 1993: Preview of Hong Kong's major art fair - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong/United States - On the Cutting Edge: David Hockney -The artist talks with Scarlet Cheng.
Singapore - Moving Towards a Center: The Asian International Contemporary Art Fair in Singapore - Ian Findlay
Taiwan - Building Awareness: The Taiwan Art Galleries Association's second annual show
Reviews - Australia, China, England, Holland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States
Artists at Work/Malaysia - Malaysian printmaker Juhari Muhammad Said - Gerhard Joren

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