VOLUME 5 - 1995

  Volume 5 Number 1 January/February 1995
Japan - Of Art and War: The legacy of World War II in Japanese contemporary Art - Nancy Shala
China/United States - The Bitter Tea of David Diao - Kathleen Findlay Magnan
Australia - Scenes from a Singular Life: Ian Fairweather retrospective - Susan McCulloch
Malaysia - Reflecting on Their Times: Tajuddin Ismail, Rafiee Ghani, Eng Hwee Chu - Dr. Zakaria Ali
Taiwan - A Native in Taiwan: Liu Xiu Mei - Ian Findlay
United States - Visions from an Ethereal World: Gary Lichtenstein - Reena Jana
Auctions - Christie's, Sotheby's, and Concorde in Hong Kong, Taipei, and New York
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States
Artist at Work/Taiwan - Chen Ping - Ian Findlay
SUPPLEMENT: Korea - Notebook / The Critical View: Interview with Yoon Jin-Sup, director of Hyundai Art Gallery - James Lee / By Leaps and Bounds: Development of contemporary Korean art - Kim Hong-Hee / The Artist's Voice: Choi Jeung-Hwa, Kim Keun-Joong, Cho Moon-Ja, Lee Sang-Hyun, Lim Ok-Sang, Oh Chul, Oh Sang-Gil / Galleries for Everyone: Seoul's contemporary gallery scene - Eunei Lee / Centers of Attention: Museums in Korea - Eunei Lee / Listings: Galleries and Museums
  Volume 5 Number 2 March/April 1995
United States - A Natural Theater: Chuang Che - Ian Findlay
China - The Naked Eye: Zeng Fanzhi - Chang Tzong-zung
Vietnam/Australia - Dialogues of Difference: Hanoi University of Fine Art and Queensland College of Art create an ambitious exchange - Ian Howard
United States - Master of the Macabre: Philippine artist Manuel Ocampo - Victoria Alba
Australia - An Extraordinary Display of Identity: Australian Aboriginal art - Susan McCulloch
United States - Splitting the Center - Increasing Awareness: San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art - Reena Jana
Hong Kong - Out on Their Own: Victor Lai and Yank Wong - Scarlett Cheng
Japan - Heart Beat with a Hiccup: Contemporary Japanese Art - Roland Hagenberg
Australia - Taking Center Stage: Australian women artists - Susan McCulloch
Hong Kong - Art in the Time of Change: Hong Kong's Fringe Festival -Scarlett Cheng
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Vietnam
Artist At Work/Hong Kong - Chu Hin-Wah - Photography: Stephen Chung; Text: Malaine Pong
  Volume 5 Number 3 May/June 1995
Taiwan - A Voyager Among Haunting Visions: Chan Kuochiang - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong/United States/India - Indian Art Market - Euni Lee
India - Painting as Conscience: Art for charity - Anil Dharker
Taiwan - Going Against the Grain: Taiwan's avant-garde at the IT Park - Victoria Lu
South Africa - Johannesburg in the Frame - Khareen Pech
United States - The Space Game - Reena Jana
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, The Philippines, Taiwan, the United States
Artist At Work/The Philippines - Norma Belleza - Photography: Joey de Vera; Text: Jenny Juan-Simunek
SUPPLEMENT: Australiai - Notebook / Varied Treasure: Asian art collections in Australian - Anna Clabburn / Contemporary Voices: Judy Watson, Richard Thomas, Kim Westcott, John Kelly, Lauren Berkowitz, Christopher Langton, Paul Boston, Steven Cox / Aboriginal Art Makes its Mark - Susan McCulloch / Bridges Through Art: AsiaLink - Susan McCulloch / Optimism on the Wall - Susan McCulloch & Bronwyn Watson / Asia For 1996: Australian Contemporary Art Fair - Anna Clabburn
  Volume 5 Number 4 July/August 1995
Taiwan - Absorbing Contradictions: Liao Shiou-Ping - Eleanor Heartney
Nepal - A Political Stand: Ragini Upadhayay-Grela - Maurice O'Riordan
New Zealand - New Directions: contemporary art in New Zealand - Greg Whitecliffe
China - The Other Face: New chinese art - Chang Tsong-zung
Australia - In the Hot Seat: Interview with Australian art critic John McDonald - Susan McCulloch
United States - From Sleepy State to Powerhouse: The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco - Reena Jana
Australia - Museum on the Move: Darwin's Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territories - Susan McCulloch
France/Taiwan - Against the Grain: Hoo Mojong - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Taiwan, the United States
Artist At Work/Hong Kong - Lui Chun-Kwong - John Millichap
  Volume 5 Number 5 September/October 1995
China - Life Lines: Xing Fei - John Millichap
Australia - The Middle Distance: Philip Hunter - Alex Selenitsch
Taiwan - A Growing Sense of Independence: The developing art scene in Taiwan - Ian Findlay
United States/Korea - Chaos Defined: Path Soong - Jeff Gordon
Vietnam - Cultural Collisions: censorship in Vietnamese art - Birgit Hussefeld
Australia - Maestro of Ravishing Shock: Brett Whitely retrospective - Susan McCulloch
Australia/China - Juggler of Systems: Guan Wei - Judy Annear
United States - Crossing Divides: Gary Lichtenstein and Taiwan sculptor Yu Yu Yang - Reena Jana
United States/India - The Traveler Rests: Pratibhha Dakoji - Joan Lebold Cohen
Italy - The Venice Biennale Game - Helga Lasschuyt
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Taiwan, the United States
Artist At Work/The Philippines - Nestor Olarte Vinluan - Photography: Danny Cruz; Text: Ruben D.F. Cruz
  Volume 5 Number 6 November/December 1995
Singapore - Songs From Nature: Zhuang Shengtao - Ian Findlay
Vietnam - The Secretary of Life: Tran Trung Tin - Helga Lasschuyt
Australia - The Printmaker Propelled by Voyages: Jorg Schmeisser -Susan McCulloch
Thailand - A Practical Spiritualism: Kanya Chareonsupkul - Glen R. Brown
India - Towards Identity: Indian artists gain recognition - Sundaram Tagore
Taiwan - A Darkness at Noon: Wang Wen Ping - Ian Findlay
United States - The Freshest Visions: Asian-American art - Reena Jana
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United kingdom, the United States
Artist at Work/Indonesia - Nindityo Adipurnomo - Helga Lasschuyt

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