VOLUME 9 - 1999

  Volume 9 Number 1 January/February 1999
Hong Kong - Poignant Interactions: Chu Hing-wah - Hilary Binks
The United States - Dialogue Face To Face - Reena Jana
China - Refining Nostalgia: Hu Yongkai - Hilary Binks
Taiwan - Always A Contender - John Millichap
ASEAN ART AWARDS - The Face Of The New - Sian E. Jay
Laos/Myanmar - Other Voices, Other Views - Sian E. Jay
ASEAN - The Coupling Of Word And Image - Emmanuel Torres
Malaysia - A Winning Way - Sian E. Jay
The United States - Against The Tide: Walasse Ting - John Millichap
China - Down To The Sea: Su Xinping - Julian Scarff
Hong Kong - Visions Dark: Dreams Fantastic: Patrick Lee & Wong Hung-fei - Hilary Binks
Reviews - Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States
  Volume 9 Number 2 March/April 1999
Australia - Rythms Of Australian Landscape: Kim Westcott - Roger Taylor
The United States - Unfolding Identities - Reena Jana
Vietnam - Uncouth Poetry: Ha Tri Hieu - Duong Tuong
The Philippines - Processes Of Change: Jose Tence Ruiz - Alice G. Guillermo
Taiwan - Ancient Medium, Modern Voice: Chu Ko - John Millichap
China - Stereotyping Under Attack - Hilary Binks
Singapore - Minds Of Their Own - Rachel Farnay
Vietnam - Worlds In Paper: Ninh Thi Den - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, the United States, and Vietnam
  Volume 9 Number 3 May/June 1999
The Philippines - Visions Of The Millennium: Charlie Co - Alice G. Guillermo
Vietnam - The Lyrical Figure And Landscape: Cong Quoc Ha - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - A Poet Among Painters: Alan Wong - Hilary Binks
Vietnam - A Narrative Of Mirrors: Bui Huu Hung - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - A Voyage Between Cultures: Wucius Wong - Hilary Binks
China/The United States - Struggle For The New - Nicole Combs
Thailand - The Master Of Connections: Kamol Tassananchalee - Thomas Brecelic
New Zealand- Dynamic Identity: Steve Lovett - Mark Kirby
Reviews - Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, and Vietnam
  Volume 9 Number 4 July/August 1999
Hong Kong - In The Footsteps Of The Masters - Hilary Binks
China - The Power Of The Commonplace: Mao Xuhui - Ian Findlay
Vietnam - At A Crossroads - Quynh Pham
Vietnam - Coming Into His Own - Ian Findlay
Vietnam - Beyond the Visible: Nguyen Quang Minh - Duong Tuong
The United States/Vietnam - The Intuitive Eye: Kai Hoang, Thai Bui & Vi Ly - Reena Jana
The United States - Fashioning Trends - Reena Jana
Taiwan - A New Cure For Asian Art Curators - Apinan Poshyananda
Reviews - Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam
  Volume 9 Number 5 September/October 1999
Singapore - Taking Center Stage - Sian E. Jay ; Singapore - In Search Of Self: Susie Wong - Sian E. Jay
Singapore - Accidental Executions: Tan Teo Kwang - Ian Findlay; Singapore - Schooling Artists - Sian E. Jay
Singapore - The Arts Education Narrative - Sian E. Jay
Japan/The United States - A Blunt Reality - Reena Jana
The Philippines - High Priestess Of Tarot - Alice Guillermo
China - Foreign Compounds: Global Market - Binghui Huangfu
Italy - The Sounds of Art: Venice Biennale - Roger Taylor
The United States - Ambiguous Narratives: Hung Lu - Glen R. Brown
Thailand - Defender of Tradition: Mitree Parahom - Steven Pettifor
Vietnam - Hanoi Feature: Changing Times: Dinh Luc, Bui Hoai Mai, Bui Manh Hung - Ian Findlay
Vietnam - A Way With Landscape: Dao Hai Phong - Ian Findlay
Vietnam - Out On A Limb: Do Minh Tam - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, and Vietnam.
  Volume 9 Number 6 November/December 1999
China - In The Eye Of The Storm - Zhao Yannian
The Philippines - The Connecting Of Myth And History: Roberto Feleo - Alice Guillermo
Australia - A Dymanic Of Cultures: The Third Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art - Roger Taylor
Bangladesh - The Making Of A Bangladeshi Artist: Aminul Islam - Osman Jamal
Taiwan - Theater Of The Natural Order: Huang Chih-yang - Ian Findlay
Taiwan - Taiwan At Venice - Maggie Pai
Thailand - In Search Of Fresh Direction - Steven Pettifor
Thailand - Making Offerings: Pinaree Sanpitak - Steven Pettifor
Thailand - Fifty Years Of National Art Exhibitions - John Clark
Thailand - In The Realm Of Textiles: Jakkai Siributr - Steven Pettifor
Thailand - Art's Soldier: Chatchai Puipia - Steven Pettifor
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam.

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