VOLUME 12 - 2002

  Volume 12 Number 1 January/February 2002
The United States - Metaphorical Journeys: Chiyomi Taneike Longo - Glen R. Brown
Australia - Natural Poses: Erik Gunzel - Peter Harris
Australia- Narratives Of Nature: Irene Wellm - Roger Taylor
Japan - Towards A New Synthesis: Yokohama 2001 - Joel David Robinson
Italy - Asia At Venice: The 49th Venice Biennale - Johan Pijnappel
Germany - Asia In Color And In Black And White: Polypolis - Ludwig Seyfarth
Germany - Outer Landscapes And Inner Dreams: Polypolis - Chang Tsong-zung
THAILAND FEATURE - Struggling For Change On A Global Stage: Overview / The Process Of Being: Kamin Lertchaiprasert/ For All Times: Sutee Kunavichayanont / Cracking Potted Traditions: Surojana Sethabutra / Studios
Exposed: Thanom Chapakdee's Artists Studio Visits / A Communion Of Understanding: Womanifesto - Steven Pettifor
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Cover: Thaweesak Srithongdee, Mr. Dui, From Lured, Love, Power, 2000, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm. Photograph: Courtesy of Tadu Gallery.
  Volume 12 Number 2 March/April 2002
The United States - Identity And Erasure: Roger Shimomura - Glen R. Brown
The United States - A Complex Path: Frank Stella - Roger Taylor
Singapore - A Dream Realized: The Singapore Tyler Print Institute - Roger Taylor
The United States/Singapore - Away With Convention: Ken Tyler - Roger Taylor
China/Brazil - China Without China: The Mercosul Bienal - Chang Tsong-zung
Australia - Experiencing The Land: John Walker - Simeon Kronenberg
Malaysia - East-West Fusion: Foo Yong Kong - Ian Findlay
Macau - A Theater Of The Absurd: Konstantin Bessmertny - Cesar Guillen
Vietnam - In Praise Of A City: Pham Luan - Ian Findlay
Thailand - Looking Glass Reality: Manit Sriwanichpoom - Steven Pettifor
Myanmar - Notes From Yangon: The Recent Myanmar Art Exhibition And The Philip Morris Group Of Companies Myanmar Art Awards For 2001/2002 - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Bangladesh, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Cover: Frank Stella, Mersin Xvi, 2001, epoxy and spray paint on cast aluminum, 76 x 74 x 28 Inches. copyright Frank Stella/Artists Rights Society (Ara), New York. Photograph by Steven Sloman, NYC. Photograph: Courtesy of Frank Stella.
  Volume 12 Number 3 May/June 2002
Singapore - Confident Transformations: Chua Ek Kay - Ian Findlay
New Zealand/Korea - An Archaeology Of Experience: Youngae Kim - Cassandra Fusco
China - World Of Food And Family: Li Jin - Meg Maggio
Indonesia - In Search Of A Simple Life: Putu Sutawijaya - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - Body Language: Francis Yu - Pamela Kember
Singapore - New Voices: Emerging Artists / Threads Of Memory: December Pang / The Documentary Eye: Kheng-Li Wee / An Intensity Of Experience: Meley Law Mei Nei/ A Passion For Marks: Chua Koon Beng - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Cover: Chua Ek Kay, Rain Island, 2001, ink and pigments on rice paper, 138 x 68 cm.
  Volume 12 Number 4 July/August 2002
Indonesia - Asean Art Awards: Eighth Philip Morris Asean Art Awards
Vietnam - The Triumph Of Art: Tran Trung Tin - Sherry Buchanan
The Philippines - Discovering Male Nudes: Ronald Ventura - Alice G. Guillermo
Vietnam - The Anxiety Of Silence: Mai Anh - Ian Findlay
Myanmar - A Bridge To The Future: Aung Myint - Ma Thanegi
Switzerland - The Collecting Instinct: Baron Guy F. Ullens - Hilary Binks
China - A Contrary Vision: Liu Zheng - Meg Maggio
Myanmar - A Narrative Of Light: U Soe Moe - Ma Thanegi
Vietnam- The Pastoral Idyll: Duong Ngoc Hung - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.
Cover: Aung Myint, Mother! Mild But Strong, 2001, brass pipe on board, 122 x 91.5 x 5 cm. Photograph: Courtesy of the Artist.
  Volume 12 Number 5 September/October 2002
The United States/China - A Drama Of Nations: Gu Wenda - Melanie Eastburn
The Philippines - Hidden And Haunting Transcripts: Mark Justiniani - Patrick D. Flores
New Zealand - Journeys Of Migration: Youngae Kim, Nam-Sook Chang, Yong-Hyun Kwon, Jae-Koo Liu - Cassandra Fusco
Japan - The Soul Of The Hand-Made Print: Contempotrary Japanese Prints - Norman Tolman 
India - Reflections On The Art Of Ram Kumar - Ranjit Hoskote
Myanmar - Breaking Free: Aye Ko - Ma Thanegi
Malaysia - The Artist As Ethnographer: Wong Hoy Cheong - Adeline Ooi
Singapore - Building Bridges: The Third Artsingapore, The Contemporary Asian Art Fair
Myanmar - An Artist Of Motion: Nay Myo Say - Ma Thanegi
Reviews - Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.
Cover: Gu Wenda, A Human-Hair Made Tower Of Psuedo-Chinese, English, Hindi, Arabic, and Synthesized English-Chinese, a site-specific installation of San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, 1999, 75 ft. (high) x 34 ft. (diameter). A Permanent Collection of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA. Photograph: Courtesy of the Artist.
  Volume 12 Number 6 November/December 2002
France/China - The Rhythm Of Landscape: Yang Din - Hilary Binks
Australia - A Heroine Of Parts: Kate Beynon - Roger Taylor
Bangladesh - An Art Of The Everyday: Farida Zaman - Osman Jamal
Thailand - Out On His Own: Natee Utarit - Steven Pettifor
China - At The Heart Of The Rose: Luo Fahui - Li Xu
Vietnam - Of Time And Place: Tran Hong Duc - Ian Findlay
Australia - A Decade Of Challenges: Asia-Pacific Triennial Of Contemporary Art - Melanie Eastburn
China - China's Broad View: Works from the 9th Chinese National Art Exhibition - Hilary Binks
Vietnam - Silent Witnesses: Tran Quang Minh - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
Book Review - "Deaf Artists In America: Colonial To Contemporary" by Deborah M. Sonnenstrahl; published by Dawn Sign Press, San Diego, California, USA; ISBN: 1-58121-050-7.
Cover: Yang Din, Instant, 2002, acrylic on canvas, 200 x 180 cm. Photograph: Courtesy of Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery.

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