VOLUME 13 - 2003

  Volume 13 Number 1 January/February 2003
Thailand - Dressing Up Nature: Montri Toemsombat - Steven Pettifor
China - Stepping Out In Guangzhou: Guangzhou Trienniel - Li Zhe
The Philippines - One Face Of Filipino Art - Emmanuel Torres
Vietnam - A Muscular Art Le Hong Thai - Bradford Edwards
Hong Kong - From Science To Art: Angela Sai Kee Su - Pamela Kember
Hong Kong - A Singular Life: Ha Bik-Chuen - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - Looking For A New Vision: Fiona Wong, Francis Yu, Kwok Ying, Wilson Shieh, and Josiah Leung - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - Symbols Of Ethnicity: Leonardo Aguinaldo - Alice G. Guillermo
Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.
Book Review - "Hong Kong Art: Culture and De-colonization" by David Clarke, London, Reaktion Books, 2001, 240 pp, 135 illustrations of which 37 in color, £19.95.
Cover: Ha Bik Chuen, Observer, 1990, ink & color on paper, 65 x 51 cm. Photograph: Courtesy of Grotto Fine Art Ltd.
  Volume 13 Number 2 March/April 2003
Australia - Notions of the Ephemeral: Antoinette de Morton - Roger Taylor
Vietnam - A Haiphong Narrative: Tran Quang Huan - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - A Vision from the Margins: Tsang Tsou Choi at the 2003 Venice Biennale - Jonathan Thomson
Japan - The Construction Sites of Asian Art - Joel David Robinson
Australia - Relationship of Moments: Lindy Lee - Linda Michael
Indonesia - Art and Political Activism in Indonesia - Susan Ingham
India - The City of Remarkable Narratives: Art in Calcutta - Ratnottama Sengupta
China - Intuitive Reflections: Video works by Wang Gongxin - Johan Pijnappel
Reviews - Hong Kong, India, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam
  Volume 13 Number 3 May/June 2003
Hong Kong/Italy - The Collective Mind: the Para/Site Collective at the 50th Venice Biennale - Jonathan Thomson
Thailand - Grim Reality: Kritsana Chaikitwattana - Steven Pettifor
India - Worlds on Paper - Indian works on paper - Minal Vazirani
China - Exquisite Graffiti: Abstract works of Huang Yuanqing - Li Xu
Bangladesh - A Social Conscience: Syed Jahangir - Osman Jamal
Vietnam/Italy - The Lure of Venice: Pham Luan - Jonathan Thomson
Singapore - A Decade for Change - Singapore Modern Art in the 1970s - Patricia Teh
Reviews - Bangladesh, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam
  Volume 13 Number 4 July/August 2003
China - A Theater of Happiness: Feng Mengbo - Chang Tsong-zung
Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan Contemporary Art Moves Ahead - Valeria Ibraeva
Hong Kong - Daily Reckoning: Yeung Tong Lung - Jonathan Thomson
Australia - An Australian Encounter: Andrew Lo - Ian Findlay
China - Ancient Medium - New Vision: New ink paintings - Zhang Zhaohui
Bangladesh - Of the Land: Mokhlesur Rahman - Osman Jamal
Reviews - Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and the United States
  Volume 13 Number 5 September/October 2003
China - A Theater of Happiness: Feng Mengbo - Chang Tsong-zung
The Philippines - A Divine Illumination: Edwin Wilwayco - Cid Reyes
Italy - Venice in Full Flow: The 50th Venice Biennale - John Clark
Italy - The Pioneering Spirit: Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia at the 50th Venice Biennale - Iola Lenzi
The Philippines - A Rich Confluence of Cultures: Mario de Rivera - Alice G. Guillermo
Vietnam - A Geometry of Silence: Doan Hoang Lam - Ian Findlay
Singapore - An Odyssey in Art: Guo Art Foundation s Art Retreat - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - An Archive of Visions: Asia Art Archive - Susan Acret
Indonesia - In the Name of the Realist: Chusin Setiadikara - Jim Supangkat
Reviews - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
  Volume 13 Number 6 November/December 2003
Indonesia - An Auspicious Start: The first CP Open Biennale in Jakarta ~V Carla Bianpoen
The Philippines - Yankee Doodles - Alice G. Guillermo
China - A Master of Emotions: Wu Guanzhong - Sonja Ballingal
China/The United States - Power From Turmoil: Qin Feng - Priya Malhotra
Hong Kong - Stripes of Contemplation Hong Kong artist Lui Chun - Jonathan Thomson
China - Travels in the Mind: Sun Liang - Wu Lintian
Indonesia - Under the Hammer: Larasati Glerum auction results - Ian Findlay
Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States

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