VOLUME 19 - 2009

  Volume 19 Number 1 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009
Turkey - Towards a Fictional Reality: Burhan Dogancay - Jonathan Thomson
Australia - The Wandering Artist: Ian Fairweather - Tony Twigg
Taiwan - Into the Heart of Landscape: Chui Hsiente - Ian Findlay
Thailand - A Theatrical Narrative: Lampu Kanasanoh - Steven Pettifor
Israel - Between Reality and Fantasy: Michal Chelbin - Gil Goldfine
Malaysia - The Uneven Face of the Malaysain Art World - Gina Fairley
India - A Universal Vision: Vibha Galhotra - Uma Prakash
The Phillipines - Bizarre Figures and Eloquent Horrors: jose Tence Ruiz - Alice G. Guillermo
Hong Kong - The Power of Ink: New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond - Ian Findlay
Australia - Youthful Voices: graduates' show of Adelaide's South Australian School of Art - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
Auction - Zhong Cheng auction results
  Volume 19 Number 2 MARCH/APRIL 2009
India - Into Uncharted Waters: Gauri Gill - Priya Malthotra
Israel - The history of Violence: the Haifa Museum of Art exhibition - Gil Goldfine
Australia - A Prize to Conjure with: The Fleurieu Biennale Water Prize - Christine Nicholls
Thailand - Curatorial Challenges: Distinguished Encounters exhibition - Jonathan Thomson
India - The Existential Human Condition: Ratnadeep Gopal Adrivrekar - Vera Wijaya
The Philippines - Fresh Nuances in Narrative: Poklong Anading - Gina Fairley
China - Between Reality and Illustion: Shou Jinhua -Ian Findlay
Ntabnar/Thailand - A Different Voice from Myanmar - Steven Pettifor
China - A Bridge under Heaven: Qiu Zhijie - Hilary Binks
Singapore - Blurring Time and Place: Kelly Reedy and Marisa Keller - June Yap
Reviews - Australia, Cambodia, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
Book reviews - New Photography in China editor: John Millichap, Yilpinji: Love Art & Ceremony Christine Nicholls
  Volume 19 Number 3 MAY/JUNE 2009
China - The New Chinese Landscape and the Avant-Garde - Robert C. Morgan
England/India - A Panorama of Transience: Raqib Shaw - Priya Malthotra
Australia - Reanimating Memory: r e a - Christine Nicholls
Israel - The Eye Perceives: The Mind Juggles: Neil Folberg - Gil Goldfine
Mongolia - From the Heart of Mongolia: Munkhtsetseg Jalkhaajav - Ian Findlay
United Arab Emirates - Art Dubai/The Sharjah Biennial/The Al Bastakiya Art Fair 2009 - Jonathan Thomson
India - Navigating Contemporary India: Jitish Kallat - Gina Fairley
Indonesia/Singapore - A Play of the ordinary: Jendala Art Group (Kelompok Seni Rupa Jendela - June Yap
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States
Auctions - Larasati auction results
Yilpinji: Love Art & Ceremony Christine Nicholls
  Volume 19 Number 4 JULY/AUGUST 2009
INDONESIA - Behind Paradise: Udin Antara - Vera Wijaya
ISRAEL - A Collective Consciousness: Tsibi Geva - Gil Goldfine
AUSTRALIA - The Music Of Food And Wine: The Fleurieu Art of Food and Wine Prize - Christine Nicholls
INDIA/ENGLAND - Epics Beyond Borders: Dilip Sur - Osman Jamal
INDONESIA - The Self And The Portrait: Agus Suwage - June Yap
THAILAND - Disturbing Narratives: Sudsiri Pui-ock - Steven Pettifor
ENGLAND/CAMBODIA - Beyond Self: Nic Grey - Bradford Edwards
NEW ZEALAND - Confronting Colonization: Te Haringa (Turning Points) Pakeha Colonization and Maori Empowerment exhibition - Cassandra Fusco
INDIA - Moving Ahead: India Art Summit - Uma Prakash
VIETNAM - Under Construction: Nguyen The Son - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.
BOOKS - The Willow Pattern Story (Le fabuleux récit du Willow Pattern) by Ian Howard & Lucienne Fontannaz; Umrao Singh Sher-Gil: his misery and his manuscript by Vivan Sundaram/ Deepak Ananth; New China, New Art by Richard Vine; Current: Contemporary Art from Australia and New Zealand, editors Art & Australia and Margaret Farmer
Auction - Brisk Sales at Asian Auction Week, Hong Kong
TAIWAN - Art Taipei preview
  Volume 19 Number 5 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009
JAPAN - Evocative Reconstructions: Hiroyuki Masuyama - Jonathan Thomson
IRAN / AFGHANISTAN / PAKISTAN - Mystic Truths: East - West Divan: Contemporary Art from Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, at the 53rd Venice Biennale - Robert C. Morgan
INDIA - Symbolic Extravaganzas: Dhaneshwar Shah - Uma Prakash
ISRAEL - Shapely Splendor: Pesach Slabosky - Gil Goldfine
SINGAPORE - Time, Memory, Forgetting: Ho Tzu Nyen - June Yap
AUSTRALIA/CHINA - Emptiness And Substance: Chen Ping - Ian Findlay
THAILAND - The Light Of Identity: Maitree Siriboon - Steven Pettifor
ISRAEL - Camouflaged Emotions: Israeli Arab art exhibition Men in the Sun- Gil Goldfine
REVIEWS - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, the Philippines, and Thailand
SINGAPORE - The Ninth ARTSingapore art fair/ the Asia International Photography Fair/ Cheong Soo Pieng (1917-1983)
  Volume 19 Number 6 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009
HONG KONG - Beyond The Face Of Tragedy: Victor Lai - Jonathan Thomson
MONGOLIA - Guardians Of The Steppe: Monkhor Erdenebayar - Ian Findlay
THE UNITED STATES - Elegance And Integrity: Signs: Contemporary Arab Art - Marius Kwint
AUSTRALIA - In Praise Of Collective Memory: Making Tracks exhibition at Adelaide's Tandanya National Cultural Institute - Christine Nicholls
ISRAEL - Questions Of Collage: Mind the Cracks at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Gil Goldfine
NEW ZEALAND - Lines And Colors Of Light: Jan FitzGerald and Leonard Lambert - Cassandra Fusco
INDONESIA - A Robust And Fantastic Nature: Richard Winkler - Jean Couteau
THAILAND - Searching For Balance: Nipan Oranniwesna - Steven Pettifor
AUSTRALIA - The Duality Of Light: Lynette Wallworth - Christine Nicholls
TAIWAN - Emerging Voices: emergeing Taiwan artists at Art Taipei - James Donald
REVIEWS - Australia, China, England, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
BOOKS - Margo Machida, Unsettled Visions: Contemporary Asian American artists and the social imaginary; Sarah Thornton, Seven days in the art world
AUCTIONS - Results of Seoul Auction sale in Hong Kong and Larasati's Pictures of Asia Modern & Contemporary Art sale in Singapore
MALAYSIA - The Emergence Of Contemporary Malaysian Art: Art Expo Malaysia preview

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