VOLUME 21 - 2011

  Volume 21 Number 1 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011
China - Flawed by Any Other Name: The Eighth Shanghai Biennale - Hunter Braithwaite
Malaysia - In Search of Memory in Time and Place: Peter Liew - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - Turn on and Read: Cesare A.X. Syjuco - Gina Fairley
China - A Gracious Respect: The Zhang Family - Dorothy Joiner
India - An Urban Map: Arpita Singh - Uma Prakash
Vietnam - A Solitary World: Ly Tran Quynh Giang - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
Books - Asian Modernities: Chinese and Thai Art Compared, 1980 to 1999 by John Clark; Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment Australia - Oceania • Asia • Africa by Truus Daalder, ed. Joost Daalder, photographs by Jeremy Daalder;
IMMATERIAL: the art of Augusto Albor, text by Cid Reyes
India - A Growing Vision: India Art Summit preview - Uma Prakash
Auction - One Larasati Auctioneers's Hong Kong auction
  Volume 21 Number 2 MARCH/APRIL 2011
Israel - Indifference Is Not an Option: Moshe Gershuni - Gil Goldfine
Southeast Asia - Gauguin and the Idea of an Asian Paradise - Alison Carrol
Japan/France - A Program for Art: Xavier Veilhan - Jonathan Thomson
Korea - Paradox in Print: Koh Sang Woo - Kate Bryan
China - Reaching for the Heavens: Qi Baicheng - Ian Findlay
Thailand - Down on the Farm: Site-specific exhibition at the former Jim Thompson Farm - Steven Pettifor
Australia - Embracing the Life Force: Marijana Tadić - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - China, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam
Books - Friendship in Art: Fou Lei and Huang Binhong by Claire Roberts
  Volume 21 Number 3 MAY/JUNE 2011
Hong Kong - Scripting Time: iFung Ming Chip - Valerie Doran
Thailand - Arriving and Belonging: Natee Utarit - Kathleen Suraya Warden
India - The Importance of Memory: Chittrovanu Mazumdar - Uma Prakash
Vietnam - A Singular Conceptual Mind: Phuong Linh Nguyen - Bradford Edwards
Hong Kong - The Unexpected Spectacle: Luis Chan - Eric Wear
Singapore - The Intimate Vision: Ang Ah Tee - Ian Findlay
Myanmar - A Burmese View: Khin Zaw Latt - Elizabeth Rush
Japan - An Indomitable Artist: Toko Shinoda - Allison Tolman
New Zealand/England - Retaining Identity: New Zealand exhibition Current for City of London Festival - Robin Woodward
Russia - Of Dream and Reality: Anna Beresovskaya - Ian Findlay
Israel - The Potent Imagist: Micha Bar-Am - Gil Goldfine
The United Arab Emirates - A Credit to the Region: Art Dubai review - Jonathan Thomson
Reviews - Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam
Auction - Larasati's Singapore auction
  Volume 21 Number 4 JULY/AUGUST 2011
China - Clarity of Vision, Emptiness of Mind: Shen Chen - Robert C. Morgan
Korea/Australia - Before Heaven And Earth: Tae Yang Hong - >Christine Nicholls
Israel - Catching the Fleeting Moment: Avigdor Arikha - Gil Goldfine
Malaysia - Writing Painting: C.N. Liew - Ian Findlay
Vietnam/Finland - Wonderfully Displaced: Maritta Nurmi - Bradford Edwards
Sharjah, UAE - Focus And Reflection: Sharjah Biennial - Jonathan Thomson
The Philippines - Poetic Perceptions: Juvenal Sanso - Reuben Ramas CaƱete
Indonesia - Indonesian Mythologies - Jonathan Thomson
The Philippines - Between Material And Practice: MM Yu - Gina Fairley
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand
Auction - United Asian Auctioneers (UAA)'s Hong Kong auction
  Volume 21 Number 5 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2011
Italy - Opening the Gates: The 54th Biennale di Venezia - Robert C. Morgan
Australia - A Place in Art History: Nellie Stewart - Christine Nicholls
Taiwan - The Restoration of Culture: Treasure Hill Tea + Photo Project and New Day Street by Yeh Wei-Li - Ian Findlay
Thailand - Life Is Not Democratic: Arin Rungjang - Steven Pettifor
India - A Passion for Humor: Mario Miranda - Uma Prakash
China - The Poetry of Vitality: Jia Haoyi - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - Beyond the Showcase Windows: Demetrio de la Cruz - Alice G. Guillermo
Malaysia - Certain Uncertainties: Sabri Idrus - Gina Fairley
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
Books - Water and Art: A Cross-cultural Study of Water as Subject and Medium in Modern and Contemporary
Artistic Practice by David Clarke; Working by Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Jalaini Abu Hassan, Adeline Ooi, and Beverly Yong
Auction - Larasati's third Bali sale
  Volume 21 Number 6 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011
Turkey - History in the Wind: The 12th Istanbul Biennial - Gil Goldfine
England - Challenging Prejudice: Amrit and Rabindra Singh - Uma Prakash
Australia - The Spiritual And the Material: Indigenous Australian art at 2011 South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival - Christine Nicholls
Thailand - A Voice for Renewal: Jakkai Siributr - Steven Pettifor
China - In a Realm of One's Own: Zhang Yu - Ian Findlay
Australia - Voyages through Time: Guan Wei - Gina Fairley
Indonesia - Transcending Cultures: Heri Dono - Jonathan Thomson
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States
Books - Art and Polemic in Pakistan: cultural politics and the tradition of contemporary miniature painting by Virginia Whiles

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