VOLUME 22 - 2012

  Volume 22 Number 1 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012
Malaysia - A Wide-Eyed Wonder: Chang Yoong Chia - Kathleen Suraya Warden
Australia - Past into Present: Bethink exhibition, 2011 Feast Festival in Adelaide - Christine Nicholls
Indonesia - A Place for Reflection: the Jogja Biennale XI - Carla Bianpoen
Malaysia - Water as Mirror: Hoe Say Yong - Ian Findlay
New Zealand - The Necessary Uncertainty: Liyen Chong - Cassandra Fusco
The Philippines - The Ambitious Observer: Annie Cabigting - Jocinto Sotto
India - Between Two Worlds: Sakti Burman - Uma Prakash
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States
Books - Chinese Art and Its Encounter with the World by David Clarke; The Revolutionary Century: Art in Asia 1900-2000 by Alison Carroll
Auction - Masters Steal the Show: Larasati auction of Balinese traditional art
  Volume 22 Number 2 MARCH/APRIL 2012
The United States - Into the Twenty-First Century: Tadaaki Kuwayama - Robert C. Morgan
China - Image Conscious: recent Chinese photography - John Millichap
Malaysia - The Spirit of Moving Forward: Ng Bee - Ian Findlay
Singapore - Exploring Artifice And Context: Zhao Renhui - Steven Pettifor
Israel - A Thrilling New Building for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art: Herta and Paul Amir annex - Gil Goldfine
Thailand - A Willingness to Engage: Cut Thru: A View on 21st Century Thai Art - Jonathan Thomson
South Africa - The Complexity of Experience: Figures & Fictions, an exhibition of contemporary South African photography - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States
Books - Mamang, An Old Story Retold by Kim Scott, Iris Woods and the Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project & Noongar Mambara Bakitj ('The Noongar Fights the Mambara') An old Story Retold by Kim Scott, Lomas Roberts, and the Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project; Feasting the Female Form by Shireen Naziree and Jorn Middelborg
  Volume 22 Number 3 MAY/JUNE 2012
Australia - Touched by Time: Hossein Valamanesh - Gina Fairley
China - The Narrative beyond Surface: Ying Tianqi - Ian Findlay
China - Return To the Idea of Art: Ai Weiwei - Robert C. Morgan
The Philippines - The Quest for Transcendence: Jose Tence Ruiz - Alice G. Guillermo
England/Australia - Land, Water, Light, Plants, And Animals: Helen Pynor - Marius Kwint
New Zealand - The Accidental Archivist: Simon Ogden - Cassandra Fusco
Israel - A Tale of Three Cities: Haifa-Jerusalem-Tel Aviv exhibition - Gil Goldfine
India - A Merging of Cultures: Achia Anzi - Uma Prakash
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United States
  Volume 22 Number 4 JULY/AUGUST 2012
Indonesia - Art to Nourish All: Earthly Evocations exhibition - Valerie C. Doran
Singapore - The Complete Balance: Terence Teo Chin-Keong - Ian Findlay
Thailand - Coming of Age: the Museum of Contemporary Art - Jonathan Thomson
New Zealand - The Power of the Whole: Kristin O'Sullivan Peren - Cassandra Fusco
China - The Painterly Mosaic: Lucia Nga Yin Cheung - Eric Wear
The Philippines - The Body Incarnate: Jana Benitez - Alice G. Guillermo
Tibet - The Secular And the Spiritual: contemporary Tibetan art - Ian Findlay
Australia - On the Wings of Freedom: Deadly: in-Between Heaven and Hell exhibition, Adelaide Festival of Arts - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
  Volume 22 Number 5 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012
China/The United States - The Paradox of Xuan: Lin Yan - Robert C. Morgan
Hong Kong - Masterful Artists: Luis Chan, Irene Chou, Gaylord Chan, Liu Kuo-sung, Chu Hing Wah, Wucius Wong, and Leung Kui Ting - Ian Findlay
Indonesia - The Future Fair: The 5th ArtJog - Carla Bianpoen
Thailand - A Philanthropic Mind: Imhathai Suwattanasilp - Steven Pettifor
Mongolia - A Voice for the Underdog: Lkhagvadorj Enkhbat - Ian Findlay
Germany - The Universal Dialogue: India at Documenta - Uma Prakash
England - Revolution Rising: Suki Chan - Marius Kwint
Taiwan - Building for the Future: Art Taipei 2012
Reviews - Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Singapore, and the United States
  Volume 22 Number 6 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012
Japan - Writing Painting: Kukoku Tamura - Ian Findlay
Thailand - The Narratives of a Reign: Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism: Art in the Ninth Reign - Jonathan Thomson
India/Israel - The Conundrum of Modern India: contemporary Indian art - Gil Goldfine
Japan - From Flowers to Fireflies: Yayoi Kusama - Robert C. Morgan
Hong Kong - Transcending Time: Tsang Chui-mei - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
Auctions - Larasati's auctions in Singapore and Bali

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