VOLUME 23 - 2013

  Volume 23 Number 1 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013
Australia - The Lie of the Land: Ken Orchard - Christine Nicholls
The Philippines - Reconfiguring Meanings: Rolando "Olan" C. Ventura - Alice G. Guillermo
China - Theater of Dreams: Lu Peng - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - In Praise of the Filipina: Filipina artists - Cocoy Lumbao
Hong Kong/China - In Search of Dialogue: Schoeni Gallery 20th anniversary - Jonathan Thomson
China - Coming to Grips with Significant Art: Shanghai Biennial - Robert C. Morgan
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and the United States
  Volume 23 Number 2 MARCH/APRIL 2013
Japan/The United States - Tokyo's Emerging Avant-Garde in the Post-War Years: an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art - Robert C. Morgan
Australia - A Shifting Guide: Asia Pacific Triennial - Gina Fairley
Israel - Art to the Beat of a Different Drummer: Pinchas Cohen Gan - Gil Goldfine
Nepal - Many Riches And Moments of Truth: the Kathmandu International Art Festival - Kurchi Dasgupta
Australia/Croatia - Love, Magic, And Ceremony: Australian Aboriginal art exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, England, India, Japan, Singapore, and the United States
Auction - The Perfect Anniversary: Larasati's 10th Singapore anniversary sale
  Volume 23 Number 3 MAY/JUNE 2013
Turkey - Istanbul Art Magnet: Bedri Baykam - Robert C. Morgan
China - Colors Are Memories: Fang Hui - Ian Findlay
India - A Voice of Past And Present: V. Ramesh - Uma Prakash
Japan/England - The Outsider View: Japanese Outsider Art exhibition in London - Ruth Garde
Russia/Singapore - A Gardener of Time: Anna Berezovskaya - Ian Findlay
Israel - People of the Book: Artist's books by Monique and Jacob Har-El - Gil Goldfine
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
Auction - Success in Bali: Larasati's auction in Indonesia
  Volume 23 Number 4 JULY/AUGUST 2013
Vietnam - A Surreal Theater - Tran Trung Thanh - Ian Findlay
Iran - Projecting the Legacy of Iran - Farideh Lashai - Robert C. Morgan
Australia - Against Amnesia - Brian Martin - Christine Nicholls
India - Belonging to the Nation of Art - Nikhil Chopra - Uma Prakas
Nepal - An Artist of Authority - Shashikala Tiwari - Kurchi Dasgupta
The Philippines - A Dramatic Spirit - Chen Zede - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Nepal, Singapore, and Thailand
  Volume 23 Number 5 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013
Hong Kong/The United States - Passages through Life - William Beaver - Ian Findlay
Australia - Hopes, Dreams, Realities - Indigenous Australian exhibition unDisclosed - Katelyn Merry with Christine Nicholls
Australia - Out of the Gallery And into the Street - Eppicentric - Rereading the Signs public art project in Epping, Victoria - Sandy Caldow
China/Italy - Beyond Pure Aesthetics - Chinese artists at the 55th Venice Biennale - Robert C. Morgan
New Zealand - Shifting Connections - Noa Noa von Bassewitz - Cassandra Fusco
Vietnam - Dancers And Magical Faces - Vu Dinh Tuan - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, China, England, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Singapore, and Thailand
  Volume 23 Number 6 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013
Indonesia - Faces from Everywhere: Dani "King" Heriyanto - Ian Findlay
Australia - Keeper of the Creative Spirit: the Warlpiri people of Lajamanu, Northern Territory - Christine Nicholls
India - An Enthusiasm for Experiment: Ranbir Kaleka - Uma Prakash
Indonesia - A Man of His Time: Sunaryo - Carla Bianpoen
Singapore/The United States - Of Time And Community: Peter Steinhauer - Ian Findlay
Nepal - An Artist Of Narratives: Kiran Manandhar - Kurch Dasgupta
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
Auction - Larasati's second Bali auction on September 29, 2013

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